Current list of special sessions:


  1.     Special Session on Bayesian Networks in Dependability

  2.        organized by:

  3.           Stefania Montani -stefania.montani[at] e

  4.         Philippe Weber[at] 

  5.     Special Session on Reconfiguration for Discrete Events control organized by:

  6.         Eric Niel -eric.niel[at] and Pascal Berruet -Pascal.Berruet[at]

  1.     Special Session on Scheduling and Control of Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems

  2.         organized by: MengChu Zhou - zhou[at]

  3.     Special Session on Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) of Discrete Event Systems

  4.         organized by: Moamar Sayed Mouchaweh -moamar.sayed-mouchaweh[at]

  5.         and  Alexandre Philippot -alexandre.philippot[at]

  6.     Special Session on:

  7.          Petri net based RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) modeling

  8.         organized by:  Eckehard Schnieder - e.schnieder[at] - and

  9.         Jörg R. Müller- mueller[at]

    Proposals for special sessions related to specification, design, implementation and operation of dependable controllers for critical discrete systems are encouraged. A special session should consist of 4 to 6 papers in the format described for individual contributions and a one-page abstract summarising the aim and content of the session. This abstract should contain: a title for the session, the name and full address of the session organizer, a list of keywords and the list of the papers included. Survey papers at the beginning of special sessions are encouraged.