Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to organise a special session dealing with

“Reconfiguration for Discrete Events control"

It will take place during the 2nd workshop on Dependable Control of Discrete Systems in Bari, Italy, June 10-12, 2009.

Today, reconfigurable systems that have the ability to switch from one configuration to another in order to answer a disturbance or a critical requirement are a major evolution of systems.
The aim of this session is to provide academic and industrial researchers with an opportunity to exchange about new developments linked to reconfiguration of discrete event systems. Beside the
reconfiguration process, this session will open the discussion about the necessary means and methods to ensure that delivered services stay available in spite of the occurrence of a failure or of a priority
switch’ requirement.

This session will consider all works relating on the process of reconfiguration and also to its evaluation and its implementation. Works concerning properties, decision making, observers for reconfiguration,
operating modes management, automated control laws design, monitoring, supervision and control of reconfigurable systems are particularly concerned.
Considered application areas are (but not exclusively): manufacturing, transportation, embedded systems, operational process, power transmission systems, sensor networks …

If you find some interest in this problematic, you are welcome to contact us. Please send us before November 1st 2009 an acknowledgement if your opinion is to propose a paper (indicate the title, the authors, your location and an extended abstract about 3 usual size pages). We will then contact you for more details about the organization of the session. Thanks to send it to either eric.niel[at] and Pascal.Berruet[at] in PDF format.

Sincerely Yours,

Pascal Berruet

Eric Niel.

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