The final version of an accepted paper may has to conform to the IFAC instructions which can be found at the following address:

Any paper not written in the IFAC format is not acceptable in the workshop preprints or proceedings. Accepted papers will only be allotted six (6) pages in the proceedings, no excess pages are accepted.

     Please note that the final papers submission is April 16, 2009 (strict deadline).


The best papers presented at DCDS09 will also be selected for possible publication in IFAC journals.


Acceptable file format is only PDF. Do NOT submit files in Word or similar formats. Please note that in PDF files all used fonts must be embedded to guarantee a correct appearance of the content. Also, do NOT use any non-Latin based character packages, like e.g. Chinese or Japanese packages. Do not include page numbers or headers. When preparing the final manuscript please take the comments from reviewers into account.


Acceptance of your paper is made with the understanding that you or one of your co-authors will attend the DCDS09 conference to present the paper. We have the strict policy to only schedule those accepted contributions in the final program and to only include those papers in the proceedings for which at least one author has registered for the conference (at least one full registration). All papers should be submitted electronically through the following page:

  ENTER the papers submission process

If you experience any problems during the online submission process, please contact the DCDS09 secretariat

Authors are required to send a copy of the completed and signed IFAC Copyright Transfer Form for each paper to the workshop secretariat. The copyright transfer form can be downloaded here:




Please return the completed and signed original of the copyright form by mail or fax, or by e-mailing a scanned copy of the signed original, retaining a copy for your files, to:



Attn: Dr. Mariagrazia Dotoli

DEE - Politecnico di Bari

200, via Re David

70125 Bari, Italy


Fax: +39 080 5963410


Please note that if the copyright form is not received by the DCDS’09 secretariat, the corresponding paper will not be included in the workshop preprints or proceedings.


For each accepted paper, at least one author must register at the full rate, even if all authors are students. One full registration is required for all accepted papers and/or presentations that are to be included in the conference proceedings.


Authors of an accepted paper must complete a full registration before April 30, 2009 (strict deadline) for their paper to be included in the conference proceedings.